Pallas Textiles

Valetudo, Latin for health and wellness, is a collection of privacy curtains inspired by the idea that a healthy lifestyle is a balance of mind, body, and environment. Taking cues from nature, the patterns in Valetudo seek to lend themselves as beautiful accents to any environment that transport the visitor to settings that are both inspiring and serene. The layering of pattern and color create depth and visual texture while Trevira FR polyester provides superior durability and cleanability.

Created by HOK healthcare designers Donald Cremers and HOK alum Natalie Banaszak for healthcare projects, the Valetudo cubicle curtain is part of a “goes together not matches” family of products that includes the Valetudo upholstry collection and the Vivendi resilient flooring collection by Mannington Commercial.

A sapling budding in the spring evokes the feelings of new life, optimism, and hope. Arbor is a super graphic pattern that is meant to be reminiscent of a familiar tree seen outside one’s window.

Flora represents a sea of dandelions gently rising to new heights. The ascent of these ephemeral forms is meant to inspire us in our own search for health and happiness.

Inspired by the beautifully complex layers of our earth, Stratum builds a solid foundation atop many smaller elements. This pattern grounds us and is meant to remind us of our own strength and convictions. 

The Valetudo cubicle curtain is part of a coordinating suite of interior finishes for healthcare environments - The Goes Not Matches collection.

2011 Best of NeoCon – Silver Award – Healthcare Fabrics & Textiles