Traverse Tables

Manufactured by Okamura

Design Patents in USA, EU, China, Japan

Inspired by architecture and made possible by advances in structural engineering, the Traverse V and Traverse X conference table collections feature a top so thin that it seems to float gracefully on the minimal support system, yet can span up to 20 feet in length. Every component of the table has been meticulously designed, from the silhouette to the transparent design, from the integration of technology to fourteen beautiful finishes.

The table top is incredibly thin, less than 1” at its thickest point and tapering to a knife edge. The effect is magnificent, in either a rectangular shape or a more intimate, collaborative oval. The support structure is also remarkably minimal—in the Traverse V Collection, a simple canted leg design is echoed on either side of the table, without the need for a center support. In the Traverse X Collection, the same effect of a hovering plane is created, over a visible cross structure.

Integrated technology is concealed in each design, allowing for future flexibility as technology changes. With the arrival of wireless presentation systems and other office tools, the designers located technology underneath and out of view, to avoid unsightly cables on the tabletop, as well as providing more usable space.

The tables are offered in fourteen finishes—in addition to beautiful traditional wood veneers, unique options such as reconstituted wood are available, in a variety of colors and patterns.

The Traverse V and X Collections were designed by Brett Shwery (HOK Alum), Javier Palomares and Junko Yamakawa.


2016 Architectural Record Magazine
Products of the Year Award

2015 Best of NeoCon – Gold Award
Conference Room Furniture