Spots & Dots

Clarus Glassboards

Spots & Dots is part of a coordinating suite of interior finishes for healthcare environments – The Goes Not Matches Collection. This collection was designed to create a more comprehensive palette that would provide complementary designs and colors, which would ultimately affect patients by creating a balanced, calm and reassuring environment.

HOK Product Design and Clarus Glassboards are excited to launch their first collaboration of two collections for markerboards and architectural glass. Spots & Dots sets the platform for organization while providing playful cheer and character. The glassboard collection features three subtle grid patterns on a crisp white background with a warm grey pattern overlaid. 

Three complimentary patterns are available:

Grid places an array of warm grey lines within a regular square arrangement. The intersections create a void and an interesting play between the positive and negative aspects of a traditional grid, offering a contemporary twist on old-fashioned graph paper, and a subtle assist to the often difficult task of writing neatly on a large marker board especially in front of a group of colleagues. 

Dots has two small concentric circles that are arranged in a neat square grid. The dots pattern features pops of accents colors within the basic warm grey palette, giving the glassboards a decorative feature to a very functional pattern. The nine colorways are fun and design inspiring. 

Dots and Lines is a combination of grid and dots glassboard patterns overlaid together, creating a highly functional gridded writing surface with fun pops of color scattered throughout. An added bonus to this glassboard line is a fourth pattern with a quirky take on the concentric circles of the Dots pattern, with each pair of complimentary circles being slightly off-center from each other, creating a gridded pattern with personality that can only be described as “Googly Eyes”!

HOK’s design team included Donald Cremers and Leah Hofferkamp.