Manufactured by David Edward

The QB, a new line of tables and modular storage from David Edward was created to provide storage and technological connectivity effectively and attractively. While most tables look messy when objects are stored in them or when they are draped with electrical cords, the QB has been designed to accommodate these requirements cleverly.

Drawing from diverse inspirational sources such as Josef Albers’ Homage to the Square painting series and Steven Holl’s simple but powerful architectural moves, the QB offers a minimalist solution to concealed storage and connectivity in pure cubist forms with a wide variety of finish options.

The basic QB is a side table with a concealed touch latch door that looks a rotated cube giving depth and interest to the form. The coffee table is a rectangular or square “slab” with a similar door in one corner as well as “Innie or Outie” top recess options for magazine storage and Ipad and laptop charging. There are several options for connectivity outlets and a version of the side table with an attached task light is also being studied. Multiple QB’s also can create a striking bench or a wall of “cubbie” storage. The QB line is designed for corporate, institutional and residential applications.