Half + Half

Manufactured by Lualdi

Half + Half is a high-end, elegant door which pivots and slides to a “half-in-half-out” position when opened. This product was born out of a need as our designers work on small spaces like hotels and high-rise residential towers where swing and sliding doors are typically not feasible. “We kept wishing there was a door that addressed this problem, and we ended up designing it ourselves,” says HOK designer, Randa Tukan.

In the spirit of Italian manufacturing and Milan’s legendary fashion industry, the designs were inspired by men’s suits with a play on the classic pinstripe and a surprise pop of color from the pocket square or jacket lining.

With a variety of materials and finishes, this collection delivers for the shared need of architects and interior designers to enhance residential and commercial spaces with more sophisticated, functional and high quality doors.

Max External Dimensions:
29 1/4” x 85 1/2”-120 7/8”
33 1/4” x 85 1/2”-120 7/8”
37 1/4” x 85 1/2”-120 7/8”
41 1/4” x 85 1/2”-120 7/8”

Engineered high density honeycomb door with square edges. The door jamb is in anodized aluminum with a telescoping system to fit walls of 4 7/8” thick. The rotating system is integrated into the door and jamb.

The design team included Randa Tukan, Daniela Barbon, Jozef Pilasanovic and Stephanie Sallah.