Cumberland Horizon Lounge Series

Manufactured by Cumberland

Designed to be classic, comfortable and moderately priced, the Horizon Lounge Series offers a product that can be used in multiple settings including corporate, healthcare, higher education and hospitality. The true beauty of the series is its ability to adapt visually to its environment.

Seating and tables are simple in form and allow the designer to change the materiality to be compatible with the needs and aesthetics of a variety of spaces. The scale is comfortable and bridges a gap in the market between small and large lounge seating. The low, wide arm is a natural transition to allow for a different material from the seat and back. The table top surface is available in Corian, wood and stone. The product range includes a chair, a two- and three-seat sofa, end tables and coffee tables.

The pieces were designed to be viewed from all angles including the side, front and back. A horizontal welt on the back of the upholstered pieces aligns with the front top of the seat to reinforce a subtle horizon line. Detailing includes the use of a metal leg under the upholstered pieces that matches the profile of the frame holding the table tops.

Years of client feedback received during “sit tests” influenced this comfortable, timeless design. Design that endures through changing trends is the ultimate in sustainability.

Selected by Cumberland’s President Scott Gilmore to participate in the “Designers Speak” series, the Horizon collection was designed by Paul Smead, Houston’s Director of Interior Design.