Apollo 8 + LED Reading Light

Manufactured by Focal Point

Airplane reading lights targeting each passenger’s seat inspired the design for the Apollo 8 LED Reader. The sleek lines of the Apollo 8 + LED Reading Light and carefully designed light distribution are a vast improvement over older styles of multi-function lights that deliver light but rarely provide visual comfort or design aesthetics.

Recent advances in LED technology make possible the exceptional technical performance of the Apollo 8 + LED Reading Light. The long-life LED technology and innovative product design provide a long-awaited, low-maintenance patient room lighting experience.

By consolidating all patient-related lighting into the Apollo 8’s recessed ceiling mount, the fixture frees valuable ceiling and headwall space for other medical equipment. The adjustable reading light also can be used to provide “cocoons” of light in family seating areas, allowing a visitor to read without disturbing a sleeping patient.

The Apollo 8 + LED Reading Light’s ability to include LED nurse charting lights and LED amber night lighting expands the recessed ambient and exam lighting product family to become a multi-functional patient room lighting system.

Designed by HOK Director of Lighting Design Tom Kaczkowski, this product expands on Focal Point’s Apollo 8 linear and ambient lighting system to create the next generation of aesthetically pleasing, highly efficient patient room lighting systems.

The complete product line, which can be customized for bedside, doorway or nursing station control, features:

  • General lighting and exam lighting
  • LED patient reading lights
  • Nurse charting lights (optional)
  • Amber night lights (optional)