Acrovyn by Design

Manufactured by Construction Specialties

HOK Product Design and Construction Specialties are excited to launch their first collaboration of custom printed patterns for wall protection. The collection features two sets of patterns to provide both soft organic and more uniform geometric options.

The Organics Collection features the first of the three complimentary patterns´╗┐.

Linen, provides a soft background texture for those areas where designers are looking for more than just a typical solid color wall surface. The delicate tone-on-tone weave, with a stronger complimentary hatch overlay, implies the texture and quality of a fine woven wall fabric.

Crosswind, is a smaller design that provides a random striation both horizontally and vertically, bringing just a bit of architectural scale to the panel while still providing a quiet overall appearance.

Foliage, is a larger scale hand-drawn presentation of scattered leaves, layered in multiple colors and transparencies, offering a beautiful nature-inspired compliment to the other two more subtle patterns.

The Geometrics Collection is inspired by classic tile patterns, reminiscent of traditional inlay or mosaic work, with variation expressed within the thickness and opacity of the lines. These hexagonal grids will play well with the softer organic patterns.

Lattice is the largest in scale of the three patterns, with simple linework creating the overall grid.

Maze is a medium scale pattern also based on the hexagonal grid, but abstracted in a way that eliminates the strong lines and plays with the contrast between figure and ground. The blurred edges imply the quality of an old printed fabric.

Tangier is a small scale grid, the most traditional and defined of the three geometric patterns, and reminiscent of the beautiful patterns seen throughout the Mediterranean world.

The pattern and color options can complement a variety of designs. The versatility of this wall protection make it an ideal application for use in hospitals, universities, airports, and office environments.

The design team included Donald Cremers, Leah Hofferkamp and Alan Ng.´╗┐ ´╗┐