A product’s name often describes the object itself, but in this case, it describes the designer’s journey as well.

David Ziolkowski, started as a lighting designer musing about an imaginary product, but eventually became the person who sketched that product into reality. Full Circle® was born.

“Over the past five to seven years, I started noticing all these narrow-aperture, linear lines of light that were making their way into product offerings by manufacturers,” Ziolkowski, an architectural lighting designer, explained. “I thought, ‘What if there was a curved line of light? Could we do the same kinds of interesting concepts that have been done to the straight line?’”

As the idea evolved in his mind, Ziolkowski began to sketch, drawing from his experience with countless products in his 11 years as a lighting designer. The finished product, which provides a five-inch-wide, recessed ring of light, is available in eight-, 12-, 16- and 24-foot diameters.

“The different sizes work very well with different maximum ceiling heights,” Ziolkowski said. “It could go in a very low ceiling if you scale down the product size. It could go in a very large-scale ceiling. It could go in a 30-foot ceiling. There’s really no limitation.”

Full Circle is currently available with fluorescent lamps, but an LED version will be available in the future.

As hinted by the name, Ziolkowski originally designed the product to form a traditional circle shape. But since each piece of the product is one-eighth of a circle, designers can connect segments to create a variety of designs, such as rounded corners or organic shapes.

“The product allows designers to have some fun,” Ziolkowski said. “If they want to make a couple circles that start to overlap – like the Olympic rings, in a sense – the product has the ability to do that. It’s an opportunity for designers to be creative about how they want to define the ceiling space.”

Full Circle’s versatility makes it useful in a multitude of settings.

“There’s really no limit to where it could be used,” Ziolkowski said. “It could go in a cafeteria of a corporate headquarters, it could go into a gym, it could go into an elevator lobby – it could go into a range of different spaces.”

Throughout the process, Ziolkowski worked with product designers from Winona Lighting to turn his sketches into a tangible product. He found working with intricate details – down to where screws would fit in the product – an “interesting change” from his typical work designing environments.

“It inspired me to come up with something that had never been done before,” Ziolkowski said. “Certainly, a circle has been done before. But the product that we are planning to provide for this specific idea doesn’t exist. It’s nowhere out there in the marketplace.”

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